Our Story

Braun Ranch is a family run ranch, consisting of Dick and Lorraine Braun along with their son Craig, and his wife Carrie.  Dick and Lorraine settled in the valley, just north west of Simmie in April of 1976.  Over the years, the ranch has had the opportunity to expand and grow.  It's not only cattle that are a part of Braun Ranch.  Cereal crops, as well as pulse crops, are a major part of the operation.  Spring time is busy between A.I.'ing and seeding. But around here, farming and ranching go hand in hand.  The stubble carries the cattle from late summer or early fall into the first part of winter, depending on the weather conditions. 

We calve out 240 +/- head in Feb/March and wean off our calves in October.  We background all the calves and sell the steer calves in January.  The heifer calves that we don't retain and breed ourselves are purchased every year by Bircham Ranch, Piapot, SK.  Wayne Bircham and family has had alot of success with the "Baldie" program they have established.  They sell their heifers at the Rock Solid Bred Heifer sale every December.  Check out their website on our links page.

We rely on our horses and dogs around here to help handle our cattle.  All our bulls we sell are horse broke and dog broke.  We also try and get them tie broke, depending on winter weather. 

Out of 180 purebred  cows, only about 35 bull calves will make the cut.  This is a "one strike and you're out" operation.  There are no summer fallow cows around here.  Every cow is required to raise a quality calf along with keeping herself in good condition on our South West Saskatchewan grass.